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Student Organizations

Neuroscience Undergraduate Society (NUS) 

NUS is an entirely student-run club for current undergraduate UCLA students who are interested in Neuroscience. Although a majority of our members are Neuroscience majors and minors, students of any major may join. Events include faculty luncheons, neuroscience seminars, lab placement fairs, career and graduate school panels, socials, and many more. 


InterAxon is an undergraduate-led neuroscience outreach group established at UCLA in affiliation with the Brain Research Institute (BRI). Through our outreach efforts, our organization aims to support Title I schools, which describe K-12 schools with an economically disadvantaged student base. Externally, InterAxon members visit schools, deliver presentations, and organize large-scale events like the annual Los Angeles Brain Bee and our annual Science Fair. By doing so, InterAxon has greatly expanded the outreach capabilities of the BRI, with school visits throughout the academic year. Internally, members are involved in projects such as developing posters, infographics, demonstrations, and animated videos as helpful resources and materials for students. Our goal is to expose learners early to neuroscience and to build their confidence in exploring STEM fields in the future!


As UCLA’s premier neurotechnology organization, we aim to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and connections to contribute to this growing field. Neurotech is an interdisciplinary study that aims to explore research that connects the nervous system and technical components like electrodes and computers to unlock new human capabilities.

Our yearly events include participation in intercollegiate brain-computer interface (BCI) competitions, technical workshops, mentorship opportunities, and networking with academic and industry professionals. Whether your passions include neuroscience, engineering, entrepreneurship, and/or ethics, CruX has a place for you!

Nu Rho Psi – UCLA Chapter

Nu Rho Psi is the National Honor Society in Neuroscience, a non profit, grass roots organization for neuroscience students. The organization was established in 2006, and the UCLA chapter will be officially approved for this fall. 97 other chapters exist across the country, and membership is open to graduate and undergraduate students.

Project Brainstorm

Neuroscience 192BX: Project Brainstorm – K-12 Outreach

Project Brainstorm is a class (NEUROSC 192BX) offered to upper division Neuroscience students at UCLA.  In this class, students prepare lessons on various Neuroscience topics, then travel to K-12 classrooms in the Los Angeles area to present their lessons and a series of hands-on activities demonstrating brain anatomy, organization, and function. NEUROSC 192BX is offered Winter and Spring quarters to UCLA students.  
  • Description from Schedule of Classes: Seminar, one hour; fieldwork, three hours. Limited to juniors/seniors. Course to be supervised by faculty and teaching assistant advisers. Project Brainstorm is K-12 science education outreach program of Brain Research Institute (BRI) and Neuroscience Ph.D. and undergraduate programs that stimulates interest in science for children and young adults in grades K-12 by providing hands-on learning experiences that emphasize function and importance of brain. Students are expected to prepare age-appropriate lesson plans to be used in Project Brainstorm classroom visits. Students meet on regular basis with supervisors and provide periodic reports of their experience. May not be applied toward major requirements. May be repeated twice for credit. P/NP grading.

High School Drug Education Outreach


Please see the Capstone Options on the Major Capstone page, Option #3, for more information on participation. 

Interested in finding out about more involvement opportunities across the UCLA campus? UCLA SOLE (Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement) compiles a database of all of the student groups and activities that students can join! Click here for more information.