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About Neuroscience


Neuroscience is an interdepartmental program in the Life Sciences Division of the College of Letters and Science. Topics of fundamental interest include perception, cognition, learning, memory, motor control, and regulation of body function. The undergraduate interdepartmental program aims to explore the principles and concepts of this broad range of nervous system function at many levels of analysis, including molecular, cellular, synaptic, network, computational, and behavioral. Neuroscience classes range in size from the typical enrollment of approximately 200 students in NS m101A to unique seminars of 25 students.

In addition to the electives for the major, the Neuroscience program also offers NS 192B: Project Brainstorm during Winter and Spring Quarters. This small seminar is designed for juniors and seniors and is an outreach program to local schools. The goal of Project Brainstorm is to stimulate interest in science for children and young adults in grades K-12 by providing hands-on learning experiences that emphasize the function and importance of the brain. A typical classroom visit lasts about an hour and involves group participation in interactive games and hands-on exercises with brain models and real animal and human brains.

Neuroscience 192C: Drugs of Abuse and Society - Conveying Concepts high school student is offered during spring quarters. The goal of this course is to apply neuroscience concepts learned in Neuroscience C177 to educate high school students on the pharmacology and neurological effects of drugs.





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